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Monica Wrote: "Your catering department made the night most enjoyable, as it allowed me to mingle and socialize with my guest. Thanks for a great catering experience."

Katie S Wrote: (Yelp.com) "I love El Rey!"

F.K. Wrote: (Yelp.com) "I return to this place again and again. Great value for what they offer and the service is friendly!"

Andrew V Wrote: (Yelp.com) "This is one of the best fast food chains I've ever tried. Their food is so fresh! It was love at first bite!"

Eren M Wrote: (Yelp.com) "This is fast food at its best, or at least the best Cuban/Mexican food I've had in a long time!"

Vanessa Haguero Wrote: "Last saturday I hosted a party at my home and hired El Rey Catering. I wanted you to know they did an amazing job! Your director of catering made great recommendations and we booked the food and the staff.they arrived exactly on time and they took care of everything. The food was fabulous! my guests loved it. I appreciated the attention to detail."

Jimmy W Wrote: (Yelp.com) "What a find! El Rey Taqueria has better food than most 5 star restaurants in Houston."
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